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So I'm going to start reviewing a few products on my blog as well. I hope you get inspired to shop and have fun too! ^_^

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Today I'm reviewing Palty Foaming Hair Color by Dariya. I purchased this item from a while back and just got around to writing up the review now. If you've been watching my Youtube channel, you may have noticed my hair colour change already.

I purchased it for CAD $13.82. If your purchase is over $25, you get free shipping so I added a few more things to my cart! >o<

The Hair Dye came in a giant box I got from my Haul a few months back. I'll be reviewing and catching up with my finds as soon as I can!
The hair dye box came, wrapped in bubble wrap and undamaged during its shipment from China. Took about 2.5 weeks to get here in Canada.

The color I used was called Milk Tea Brown, and as far as I know, its one of their most popular colours. I've used Dariya's hair products 4 or 5 times now, and used this hair foam twice. I hardly ever go to a salon to colour my hair, unless I have an awesome coupon or when I just can't do the look I want myself. There are some obvious downsides to doing your hair at home, but this review is for those who have home-dyed their hair before. Do not use this product if you regularly get your hair done at a salon, because the results will never be the same.

With that being said, I love this product! I am known for changing my hair (colour or cut) randomly and regularly. From chopping it all off (like I did back in October) to dyeing it pink, red and blonde. I don't really know what my natural hair colour is anymore because of the amount of times I colour it. My mom said when I was born I had extremely light brown hair with a reddish tint. Now when my roots grow in, its more of a dark chocolate brown. Palty hair dye is made for lightening and colouring Asian dark hair, and it's the only hair dye I've used that has visible and dramatic results. I've tried the drugstore brands here in Canada (even the ones made for dark hair) countless times and always came away disappointed with the results.

 Palty is the best for colouring my dark hair! (It never goes as light as the model on the front, so buy a shade a few times lighter than the shade that you want.)

Here's my hair, a day after washing, before I dye it. It's so flat and yucky! 
The leftover pink streaks are from when I bleached a few blonde spots back on New Years and had green streaks in my hair. After that faded, I covered it with Manic Panic's Hot Hot Pink.

My roots are growing in nice and dark, and the pink is fading back to blonde again. As you can see, my bangs were in the middle of being grown out, but as it always seems to go, I chopped them and gave myself a full fringe instead.

 - - -
Now onto opening the box!
The instructions come in Japanese and English, but the older hair dyes by Dariya only come with Japanese instructions so make sure you look them up online!

the contents of the box!
The box turns into a handy "cup holder" so you don't risk tipping over your product while you mix it.
First, pour the developer (labeled #1) into the cup.

Then the activator (labelled #2).

Then stir with the weird looking stick until a foam develops. Should take less than 20 seconds.

And apply to hair. I did my ends first, waited a bit, and then went back to do my roots (since they were so dark and long!).

After a while, the foam will look like this and start to separate. Just mix it up a bit again before applying.

Wait 20-30 minutes. Then rinse. The instructions say to shampoo your hair, but I didn't. I just rinsed it out until the water ran clear and then applied the conditioner they provided. Leave this on for 2 minutes or so.

the conditioner included.
 Here is the finished result! 

With the same lighting as the before photo:

And with bathroom lighting:

It turned my hair into a lovely golden brown and I am super happy with the results. As I type this (about 3 weeks after dyeing) it has lightened a bit more and the blonde streaks I had previously are now showing through more, but still blend in well with the rest.

- - - 
- Works great on dark hair when trying to get a few shades lighter
- Colour lasts long and doesn't fade as soon as others
- Will continue to lighten over time
- Foam spreads well over hair
- Nice smell
- Fun packaging

- Conditioner that comes with product is very small and can only be used once. I'd prefer something larger for continued care. So in this way, it can be very drying to your hair.
- Foam is a bit messy and may drip from your head.
- Can be expensive because it is an exclusively Japanese product. I've found it at Pacific Mall before, and purchased for $18.00CAD so when I found it for $13 on Yesstyle it was a great find!

I love this product and I'll continue to use it long into the future! 

To combat the dryness, use a repairing or deep conditioning hair mask after 1 week of colouring your hair. And again, don't expect the same results as the model, but instead, choose a colour that is a few shades lighter than you want to end up with!

I hope you gals enjoyed this review! I'll be doing a few more in the near future so stay tuned!
-- Anie ^_^


  1. I love the color, I think it suits you very nicely :) and I was wondering if you would be willing to post a hair timeline, since I/m looking for new inspiration to change my hair up. Thank you :D

  2. Thanks so much Aulbrey!! I'll totally do a hair timeline for you! I'm not sure how many photos I can find, but I'll do my best!

  3. Ooh awesome! I like Prettia too! And I love giveaways..... totally going over now to enter!
    Thanks for stopping by Uisa! <3

  4. Great smile! and if I sue this specific color on my Black hair, will it actually look brown or just when in sunlight?

  5. Thanks! >_< It'll look brown! I used it on my hair even when I've died it BLACK and it always goes lighter. Best product for dark hair!



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