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Me in the forest last fall- colour swatched

According to Choco on page 3 of my zine, Mori-girls love deep, earthy colours. She mentions bordeaux (wine coloured), dark green, dark blue and brown. I'd also like to add that they are look lovely in white, cream, beige and tan as well. Most of these colours are natural ones that you'd find if you're looking in a forest. I've swatched two photos of me in the forest last fall for colour references.
Me in the forest last fall- colour swatched
Mori-girls look great in warm colours, and emanate that cozy vibe you get when you look at these colours. Neutrals also happen to be my favourite things to decorate my house in. I just love how restful and snuggly all of them feel together!

Take any set of 3 of these colors and each room would be amazing. A palette for the whole house
colours of the earth | credit
Comfort is key for a lot of mori-girls. They tend to wear their nails short and hardly wear nail polish. If they do wear polish on their nails, the colours they choose would probably also be similar to those above.

And Mori-girls adore soft, cushy knits. In winter they'll wear earmuffs and fur caps. They also love to wear ponchos and boleros.

Cozy knit sweaters:

Mori girl Nordic poncho coat knit women's outer solid mantle camel large size A line cawaii original design. Mori girl LESSON43. Put the magic in the autumn and winter. 3-way ノスタルジックポンチョ ()--
mori girl poncho | credit
mori girl poncho | credit

that hat!
mori girl with far cap | credit
earmuffs | credit
Choco says mori-girls also love to use pochettes at every chance. "Pochette" is just the French word for pocket, but it has come to mean an envelope-shaped purse in the fashion world. For mori-girls, it's basically just a pocket with a strap; a small pouch or sack to carry a few items in. Choco also states that mori-girls like to use leather bags. Like I said in my last post, 
" Many Mori-girls are also environmentally conscious and choose to wear clothing that reflects their "green" lifestyles. This does not mean they refuse to wear real leather or real fur. Some go so far to claim that mori-girls should wear animal products because they would try to make use out of anything they find in the forest where they supposedly live. I'm still not sure how I feel about this topic. I do wear real fur and real leather, but, when possible, I will pick faux leather and faux fur over the real stuff. "

Victorian Bag Rose and Lace   Mori Girl  Brown Velvet Bag  Drawstring velvet bag Bag  Crossbody Drawstring Bag  Evening Bag
example of a mori-girl pochette | credit
a mori-girl wearing a leather pochette | credit

mori girl with leather suitcase | credit
Mori-girl jewelry is usually gold or bronze, rather than shiny silver. They prefer vintage and aged items, so look or antiqued gold and brass too! Here's a few from my new Mori-girl collection on Etsy:

coming soon to my shop!

large terrariums with real moss and clay toadstools | find it here

Moss necklace with bronze deer charm | find it here
gold antler bobby pin | find it here

coming soon!
Mori-girls find old vintage items charming. They love shopping at second-hand stores as well as vintage boutiques. Their homes are also covered with vintage and vintage inspired items. But more on that when we reach page 7! ^_^

a mori-girl in a vintage inspired room, filled with gorgeous flowers and decorations | credit
I wanted to end this week's Mori-Girl Monday with a fabulous description of the mori-girls that one of my followers (and happy customers- thanks for the lovely review! <3) wrote up on her tumblr page.

written by ToWalkTheLandAlone on tumblr, please visit her blog for more mori-girl inspiration!
Also, if you're curious about what dark-mori style is, sit tight:
towalkthelandalone sent: Hey Stephanie, just a suggestion but if you devoted one Mori girl Monday to dark Mori girl I think that would be pretty cool. Thanks Rebecca
Yesssh ma’am that’s already on my list! Heheh I’m just trying to get through the giant long list of things Choco wrote about first! LOL But yes, I’m gonna do a dark mori post, as well as mori-home, mori-shopping for us non-japanese (hehe) and mori/lolita fusion too! I got lots to do! hehe 
<3 thanks for letting me use your words! I just love it!

Thanks for hanging out with me on another Mori-Monday!
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I hope you were inspired today! See you next monday! (or sooner if you feel like reading about other things too! Hehehe! )
-- Anie ^_^


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  2. Hehe thanks Stephy! There's something so romantic and magical about walking alone in a forest. And wearing a dress just adds to it! ^_^

  3. I love it too!! ^_^
    Love your blog! Heheh I've been following it for a while! ^_~ Thanks for the comment! <3

  4. Wow, it is such an honor to see one of my photos in your blog post! Your blog is so amazing and really pretty. I also loved the things on your Etsy, you make such cute things!

  5. Oh yay! I'm glad you were happy to be featured! ^_^
    I hope I gave you proper credit!

    And thanks! I'm still trying to create more for my shop so keep looking! <3



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