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Hi Forest friends~!
I apologize again for a late Mori-Monday post, I've had a rough sort of week/weekend so this post was pushed back a few days. But I've got my sister's with me this week, so expect lots of videos, a few more challenges and silly photos. ^_^

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Please forgive me because my kitty is cute and I am a dork.... ^_~

 Alright, turn to page 4 and 5 of your "How To Be a Mori-Girl Zine"! I'll be covering two pages today!
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Choco writes a hefty list of accessories and fashion details a mori-girl would like, starting with "motifs".
A mori-girl "loves pocket watches."
This line automatically makes me think of Alice in Wonderland, tea parties and rabbits.
Original illustration of the White Rabbit by John Tenniel for Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
A mori-girl also loves necklaces with motifs like a loupe (magnifying glass), animals, fairy tale references and candy/sweets. Mori-girls also seem to have an affinity towards lace, polka-dots, check and vintage flower prints. Many accessories you find will have an assortment of these "motifs", combining them together to create gorgeously intricate details and whimsical pieces.

mori girl bow by Whimsicute
can't find original, but from here.
Shabby Chic Mori Girl Style Embroidered and Embellished Clock Bag
Clock Bag by The Ivory Dolls on Etsy
Mori Kei Outfit
Mori girl necklace worn by GoHalainn
accessories collage found here


Mori-girls also love wearing tights and leggings. I suppose this is a given since most mori-girls prefer dresses and the cooler springa/autumn seasons. I'm gonna add that mori-girls are also obsessed with socks. But there are so many gorgeous tights to choose from now-a-days! I have to admit, tights and leggings are my weakness...image
mori girl socks and tights | credit
Pocketwatch & Key Steampunk Tights White on Chocolate Brown Warm Thick Large L Winter Womens Victorian
Pocket Watch tights by TejaJamilla on Etsy
floral leggings and knit socks | credit
Mori girl
cute mori girl with patterned socks | credit


Mori-girls usually wear flat, round-toe shoes. Think mary-janes, oxfords and lace up booties. Although I think I'm seeing a few spread out to accept flatforms and wedges as well.

mori-girl wearing brown oxfords | credit

check out these girls shoes! I love the socks with flatform sandals! | credit
Mori Girl Shoes
goHalainn's photo of mori-girl shoes in Japan | credit
Sneakers are also accepted, but the super athletic kind don't really suit the look. I'd say more like Toms or Keds or other casual flats.


This one is very specific: "prefers cloth buttons to ordinary buttons".
At first, this seems trival and I'm kinda like "who cares?!" but then I discovered what cloth buttons really look like and they are adorable!
Fabric Covered Buttons (L) - Cute Forest Woods Red Fox (4Pcs, 0.98 Inch)
Fox Fabric Buttons by charmingzakka on Etsy

Woodland Acorn Button Earrings - Waldorf Post Earrings Nature Forest
Acorn Button Earrings by Lovelyart on Etsy
Fabric Covered Buttons - Forest Friends on Tan - 6 Medium Fabric Buttons LIMITED SETS
Forest Friends Fabric Covered Buttons by heydayhandmade on Etsy
I will gladly replace all the buttons on every piece of clothing I own with these adorable finds!

Update: As one of my lovely tumblr followers mentions, there are more than just cloth buttons!
Check out these amazing wooden buttons!
made by Shrimp Salad Circus, with a DIY too!
Wooden Kawaii Owl Buttons Wooden Buttons Novelty Buttons Kawaii Buttons NOV06 Decoden Scrapbooking
wooden owl buttons, Anchor and Stitch on Etsy
Wholesale 100 pcs Natural Colour Wooden Buttons 2 Hole wood buttons 14mm JC-23
Wooden Apple Buttons, Duckytown on Etsy


Mori-girls also love scarves and stoles! In the winter they wear lots of turtlenecks too. I guess they like to keep their necks nice and warm!
beautifully wrapped scarf | credit
Cozy and warm knit scarf | credit
Japan Mori style
Dress with built in scarf? | credit
As you can see in the above photos too, mori-girls are obsessed with layering. I love the soft, pretty layers of lace with the texture and warmth of knit pieces. It looks so romantic and lovely together, like a fireplace in a cottage in the middle of the woods. Hehehe, that's what I think of doing whenever I wear clothes like this; sitting in front of a fire, sipping tea and reading a book in the middle of nowhere.


Finally, Choco starts to describe mori-girl beauty essentials. I will go more into this for the next post, including a make up tutorial, and discuss number 38 in more detail then. For now, I'll skip to lines 39, 40 and flip to the next page for 41.

Mori-girls usually wear their hair in three different ways: long and straight, long with soft curls or short bob cut with bangs. The long and straight look is the most natural for Japanese women. Un-coloured, beautiful black hair with a shine like the old lacquered bento boxes. Sorry, hehe, that's how one of my books describes Asian hair and I think its a gorgeous description!
natural Japanese hair | credit
The next style, is not natural for most Asians, but plays off of the mori-girl love of Northern European styles. Long, soft curly hair in a lighter brown shade. Still natural looking though.
Mori girl by Emmatyan
very curly hair in lighter shade | credit
light brown hair | credit
this one is dark but with soft waves,  a mix of both hair styles | credit
Photo by
lovely brown hair with soft waves | credit
And the final category, bob-ish short hair with bangs. Sometimes these styles are curly, and sometimes not. Depends if you can get a good perm or not I guess hehe. I have the most pictures saved of this short look because my hair is short now too. I'll be rockin' this "bob-like" look until it grows a bit longer. I want my long hair back! Huuhuu~! image

these are the photos I printed for my hairdresser to cut my hair like! Did it work?!
 (photos were saved on my pc so I have no idea where they are originally from! if you know, please message me so I can update my credits!)
my hair >_< oh gosh its so flat and straight.... blahhh! I want a perm!
Deco-mail pictograms characters (/ / / É / / /) ♪
I wish I could perm my hair so perfect like this! | credit
light coloured short hair | credit
short vs. long! | credit

love this super short version! so androgynous! | credit
kinda like my hair now | credit
I was google-ing Mori-Girl hair and guess what showed up!

photo from my shop hehehe | credit

Ok that's all for now! Phew! That was a long one!
To make up for my lack of posts last week, I'll be doing another Mori-Girl post this week so stay tuned!

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To catch up with all my mori-girl posts, go here.
See you soon!


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    Love this post. All those socks and fun!! You described my backyard; a fire, sipping tea reading nowhere...ok its a backyard but close to the woods!!!

  2. Adored the cat selfies. ♥♥♥

  3. Hehehe cat selfies are my favy kind! ^_^

  4. Ohmigosh Steph you need to invite me over so I can take over your backyard!! Sounds lovely! <3

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    your blog it's so lovely!

  6. Aww thank you! You're so kind! <3

  7. This post contains some of the things I love more in mori: accessories, tights and socks (I'm an addicted!) and buttons (wooden ones are my faves) ^^



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