MORI GIRL MONDAY// Fashion Lesson No. 4

Hello again forest friends! Time for another Mori-Girl Monday! I hope you all enjoyed my Mori-Girl makeup tutorial last week!

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In an effort to organize these posts more, I will only be doing a select few "numbers" from Choco's list today. I'll be combining a few that I feel are related and then saving the rest for another post. So then please turn to page six of my mini-zine!

- - -
No. 42 - Choco describes mori-girls as "girlie-girlie". I think this again plays on the many dresses mori-girls wear, and their love of lace and floral prints. But I wouldn't describe them as overtly feminine and flirty like I would associate with gyaru girls.


Now this is not something I am HUGE on, partly because most of these brands are not even available in the Western world. But Choco mentions a few in No.43-45, so I might as well dive into it!
- - - No.43 - - -

Felissimo is a mail-order company that is featured in many mori-girl magazines, like Spoon, and sells various brands like Syrup, Haco, Kraso and Couturier. They sell all sorts of items including "inner beauty fashion, household goods, handmade kit, from children's clothing".
Earth-tone coat, Sunny Clouds at Felissimo

Monster Pants for kids, Anone  at Felissimo

DIY embroidery brooches, Couturier at Felissimo
Floral Tights, Haco at Felissimo

Couturier is probably my favourite "brand" that Felissimo sells, because I am addicted to crafting. Check out Couturier's online catalog here. It's absolutely gorgeous!

Women's DIY section stylish a house of their favorite

Felissimo also has their own DIY tutorials available here.
Most of them seem really intricate, but they look amazing! Go through their archives to look at some cool DIYs and use Google Translate to get it in your language!
Like this: a DIY wooden spoon.
And DIYs submitted by others as well! Like these:
Adorable kitchen rack.
And this cool wine shelf!

And Felissimo DOES have an online store that ships worldwide, here.

 - - -No.44 - - -


Not to be confused with the lolita brand here.

Also sold in Felissimo, Syrup has very casual and wearable pieces. I don't think they sell this brand overseas though. image
Meeting of Moomin tights
Moomin Tights by Syrup, at Felissimo
Young lady dress
Young lady one piece by Syrup, at Felissimo
Spring Tops 2014 by Syrup, at Felissimo
Syrup is a brand also sold at Felissimo, but it is an entire look by itself. For the younger and more quirky mori-girls. See their online section of Felissimo here. And their online catalog here.

Syrup's online catalog.
For the life of me, I cannot find what Choco called "Snow Felissimo", in No. 44! I'm so sorry! If you know, please contact me so I can fill in this gap! image

 - - -No.44 - - -

A mori-girl loves the vibe of Q-pot candy shaped accessories.

Q-Pot is a Japanese accessory brand designed by Wakamatsu Tada Aki, launched in 2002.
Can I just say I am completely IN LOVE with Q-Pot's jewelry designs! Everything looks good enough to eat!
Q-Pot's Spring 2014 Collection!

Chocolate Phone Cases! | Q-Pot for Opening Ceremony

Q-Pot's Disney collection! Featuring Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh! Images from here.

If the jewelry didn't get your taste buds watering, Q-Pot even has cafés to satisfy your sweet cravings.
See their Café blog here.

As far as I know Q-Pot does not ship internationally. But their online store was down when I was writing up this post I'll check again. They do, however, have their items all over the world, including a few pieces at Opening Ceremony in the US. Watch out though. The prices are steep because Q-Pot is a luxury brand! 
So those are the only brands Choco mentions! Yay for freedom!
Ohyeamorigirl on tumblr lists a BUNCH of other shops and brands you can find mori-girl clothing in for those living in Japan, Korea, Philippines, China, the US and Europe (I'll throw Canada in there to since most US store ship to us up north too!).
AND I've discovered a few more to add to my own list online.
Ringnor is a Chinese brand I found on, that sells some really cute mori-girl clothes! They don't only sell mori style however, so you may have to dig through their list.
Like these:
cable-knit sweater
lace-front panel blouse
tree-print sweater
11 Street is also from China and on Yesstyle, offering pieces like these:
short sleeved lace dress
bird pocket cardigan
knit dress

Also try these stores on


And on Rakuten, a Global Market (E-Commerce system) that allows shop owners to sell their items to an international market, you can find all sorts of mori-girl goods straight from Japan!

Like the completely mori-girl shop Nashare.
 森ガール さんが集まる ゆるかわ ワンピース 専門店 Nashare(ナシャレ)
floral clogs
lace embroidered dress
layered skirt
and Onepi-c, which sells many Cawaii clothes, another mori-girl brand.
(Dark red) can you write the Rainbow forest girl LESSON53 cawaii original design underfoot? Cutting a nostalgic colors. Women rainbow color leggings / trench designed by hisamoto's (non-) 〇〇
patchwork leggings

lace trimmed skirt
Cawaii oversized blouse

Storeenvy has some great mori-girl shops too!
Check out these shops below:
December's Kuriko
December's Kuriko, on Storenvy
Cute Gyaru Floral Patch Cardigan
Sweet Soul Shop on Storenvy
Forestale on Storenvy

But of course, mori-girl is also a kind of Ura-hara fashion, meaning the wearers shop at second-hand stores, thrift stores, back alley stores and vintage stores. So you can just as well find the perfect mori-girl outfit at your local thrift store if you know what to look for. This is called "off branding".
Mori-girls love to create and make things by hand so its no wonder that many girls make their own clothes. If you aren't too crafty yourself, you may be one of the many who appreciate the handmade quality of mori-girl items on Etsy. If you just search "mori girl", a ton of items show up!
Or, some do-it-yourself mori-girls, will add mori-girl touches to "normal" clothing. Like adding patches to a sweater or lace to a skirt. I'll be doing a few of these "Make it Mori" DIY tutorials soon, so keep an eye out!
In the end, Choco has pretty much left where we buy our mori-girl clothes up to us. We must get inspired by the forest, by our hobbies and by our interests and just dress accordingly! Some girls choose to interpret this and don the dark-mori-style. Others add a lolita twist to it. But more on this next time!image
Feel free to find which clothes you feel the most comfortable wearing, and wear them!
To catch up with all my mori-girl posts, go here.
I hope you all enjoyed this Mori-girl Monday post and found some great shops! Do you have a favourite store where you find your mori-girl coord? Let me know in the comments!
Now, someone take me to a Q-Pot cafe!
 (On my bucket list!)

-- Anie ^_^


  1. I'm a Felissimo and Wonder Rocket fan and I also love a lot of the online mori girl shops, but being quite poor I stick on second hand clothes and handmade stuff. Bit if I will go back in Japan, I'll do a ton of shopping in the stores I could only look at!

  2. Yea that's how I feel at the moment too. I'm saving up my money to spend it all in Japan too ^_~

  3. Wow! All the clothes are so lovely~! Mori-gyaru gal from PH here. ^_^

  4. Thanks Reika! OOoohh mori-gyaru! I love that look!
    Nice to meet you! <3



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