MORI GIRL// Beauty Lesson No. 1 and CC Cream Review

 As discussed in the last Mori-Monday post, I'll be doing a little mori-girl make up tutorial today. And as I said in my latest review post, I've been struggling with hormonal acne recently, so please excuse the lumps and bumps you might see! I'll also be doing a mini-review on Holika Holika's Face2Change CC Cream.

This is one of my many posts on the Japanese Fashion style called Mori-girl (forest girl). I am still building my Mori-girl wardrobe and learning more about the style as I write these posts! I am in no way an expert, just a huge fan and avid blogger. 

So join me on this adventure to learn all about it!

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Mori-Girl Skin Colour?

Flip back to page 5 of your mini-zine!
Choco states in no. 38 that Mori-Girls have a light complexion.
Again, I believe she was writing this list with only Japanese fashion-lovers in mind. But once we branch out into the rest of the world, I think darker skinned people can feel free to wear mori-girl clothing as well.
I am not necessarily "light" skinned (especially compared to my pastey-white Hubby! Hehehe!), being half Filipino, I have slightly tanned, olive skin.

And some GORGEOUS mori-girls I met online have dark skin and look amazing in Mori Kei.

So I say, throw that "rule" out the window. Sorry Choco! image

Mori-Girl Make Up

Now flip to page 7!
Mori-girls like to put round make-up on cheeks.
If wearing perfume, they would use fruit and flower scents.
Those are the only two descriptions about "mori beauty" that Choco gives us!
I feel like she goes  much more in depth with hairstyles and lifestyle, but leaves us make-up lovers with these two versatile and vague lines. But I suppose this goes with the flexibility of Mori-girl and how so many girls have adapted it to their lifestyle and  personal preferences.

For the most part, however, Mori-girl makeup is natural. If you follow strictly to "the girl who lives in the forest" idea, then I'm sure you wouldn't wear any makeup and have lightly tanned skin from constant sun-exposure.
But for those of you who like to play with make-up (like me), feel free to tackle some natural looks with bronzer, blush, coral, gold, brown and matte looks.
Here's a few I love:

Orange lips, bronze cheeks and freckles! | credit

Hairstyles, Mori Girl, Make up
lovely orange lips and coral cheeks | credit
natural makeup, natural brow, bronze eyes | credit
rosy cheeks, clear skin, natural lip | credit
coral cheeks natural brow, orange lips again | credit
Soft green with pink flowers.
rosy cheeks, natural lip | credit
bronze eyeshadow, natural brow | credit
and then there's me!
and my version number one of mori-girl make-up. Imma do an orangey look next time! _^

My Natural Mori-Girl Makeup Tutorial

So I am in LOVE with the bright orange lips some of the girls are rockin' above. I have the perfect orange lipstick for it too! image
But for today, I'm doing a natural look, with full brow and nude lips.

Usually I'd start with my favy BB Cream, M Perfect Cover by Missha in #23.
But today, I decided to try out Holika Holika's Face2Change CC Cream in #02 Natural Beige that I purchased from

Here's a quick rundown on what it does:
UV Protection + Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle
Face2Change protects against both UV A and B rays with SPF32 PA++, improves the appearance of wrinkles, moisturizes, covers imperfections with micro-capsules, and uses niacinamide to even skin tone and brighten it.

If you're new to the whole CC and BB cream thing, here's a quick overview on the differences and benefits:

"BB creams provide coverage with added skin care benefits like SPF and anti-oxidants–the list goes on depending on what brand you choose. They’re lighter than foundation but heavier than tinted moisturizers. "

"CC Cream has mostly the same benefits as BB cream, but it is focused more on colour correction, especially redness and/or sallowness. They tend to be lighter on the skin (to correct your colour), not like how a BB Cream would match your skin colour directly. It's totally fine to wear a CC cream UNDER a BB cream to achieve the most coverage."

“CC cream is a color corrector and will be lighter on the skin [than a BB cream],” celeb makeup artist Nico Guilis told us. “They have more of a whipped, light, fluffy feel and finish–kind of the new and improved BB.” 
All quotations above sourced from this site:

So it arrived from Yesstyle's warehouse in China within 2 weeks of ordering. 
Fastest shipment I've ever received from China. image

It starts of VERY white, but changes colour to blend with your skin tone in a few minutes.

Starts of white, then turns to match your skin tone.

 Then on to apply bronzer, blush and fill in your brow.
I drew lines for where I applied bronzer (I used Rimmel's Natural Bronzer in Sun Glow) in pink below and a flat-topped brush.

Then gather a LOT of blush onto your round brush. You can see how pink my black brush got. (The blush I used was E.L.F Studio Blush in Pink Passion)

Next, I filled in my brows. I love me a great bold, but natural-looking brow. (I used Rimmel Brow Pencil in Hazel). And a layer of light Eyebrow Mascara (I used a Palty by Dariya eyebrow mascara that I bought at a Pacific Mall a while back, but I can't read Japanese and I have no idea what the colour is. I think it's closest to this one. Remember to always buy one that is lighter than your brow colour, because the colour it will turn out ends up somewhere in between!)

Then highlight under your brows with a light dusting of powder like this one.
And, with a fan brush, buff your cheeks with a highlighter pack (I used my old version of Smashbox's Fusion Soft Lights). 
For my eyes, I chose this offbrand bronze pigment that I bought at IMATS in the fall. It's got a lovely orangey/bronze glow to it.

Then I lined my lashline with a purple eyeliner pencil. You can use any other colour really, but I like how purple makes my brown eyes look. I normally wear black, but I wouldn't recommend black for this look.

And now, curl those lashes!
I chopped up a small lash that I had and added a few individual pieces to my top lashes, just to give my lashes a bit more fullness.
Then coat your lashes with lots of mascara. (I used Maybelline's Rocket Lash) Don't forget to coat your bottom lashes too! 

Lastly, I slathered on some OCD Lip Tar in Interlace, but any matte, neutral lip colour will do!

and that's it!

 On The CC Cream

My review of Holika Holika's CC Cream is as follows:

smooth, silky finish

Deco-mail pictograms Animal Series (* ' Smooth, cream-like texture blends well
Deco-mail pictograms Animal Series (* ' Leaves soft shine to skin
Deco-mail pictograms Animal Series (* ' Leaves EXTREMELY soft skin
Deco-mail pictograms Animal Series (* ' Protects and corrects skin
Deco-mail pictograms Animal Series (* ' Very moisturizing
Deco-mail pictograms Animal Series (* ' Matches skin tone well
Deco-mail pictograms Animal Series (* ' Can be used alone or with BB Cream on top

you can still see my pimple scars though!

Deco-mail pictograms Animal Series (* ' Doesn't conceal well
Deco-mail pictograms Animal Series (* ' Can get oily by the end of the day
Deco-mail pictograms Animal Series (* ' Smells like a grandma (in my opinion!)
Deco-mail pictograms Animal Series (* ' Black container makes it easy to see fingerprints and can get messy

I love this product!

My sister touched my cheek and exclaimed, "It's so soft!" And then I was sold!
Although the coverage isn't perfect, it's restorative properties are great for my skin! It evens out any redness, so its fine for wearing to school or work. For special occasions, however, I'll apply my BB Cream on top and then it's golden!
 - - -

And that's it for my mori-girl beauty post today! I'll be doing another look with the orange tones that I talked about later, but for now, that's that! I've got one more mori-girl fashion lesson for this week so keep your eyes peeled!

See ya soon!image
-- Anie ^_^


  1. Isabel Martin GonzalezMarch 26, 2014 at 7:59 PM

    Hi! I'm a western Mori and many rules is very dificult to follow for us for our complexion. I love your makeup and your outfit!

  2. Hey Isabel! I agree some of the rules are kinda difficult, so I'm hoping to change them a little bit to help us Westerners figure out how to rock this style too! I hope I helped somewhat!
    If you have any ideas too, feel free to let me know and I'll post them on the bloggy too!
    Thanks lovely! <3

  3. I´m traying to adapt many rules for us too, above all about fashion and informatio. There is too little information about the style.

  4. That's what I love about this style tho. It's freeing too not have so many strict rules and let's it's customize it too. I hope you snuggle into your own mori look soon!;)

  5. I love orangey lipstick too! They go well with my complexion.
    I'm totally a noob with BB and CC, so every occasion to learn is welcome! I have some freebies to try, then I'll think if buying one.



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